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Indications & predisposing factors of crown lengthening surgery (13421 Downloads)
Analgesic effects of gabapentin and ibuprofen on the pain in post therapy of root canal; a randomized double-blind clinical trial (12018 Downloads)
Evaluation of pretreatment with gelofen and novafen on pain relief after endodontic treatment; A double-blind randomized clinical trial study (6733 Downloads)
Clinical and denture-related characteristics in patients with epulis fissuratum: a retrospective 58 case series (6626 Downloads)
Comparative study of digital radiopacity of dental cements (5986 Downloads)
A case report of neurofibromatosis (5674 Downloads)
Evaluation of the concavity depth and inclination in jaws using CBCT (5573 Downloads)
Antimicrobial activity of three different endodontic sealers on the enterococcus faecalis and lactobacillus (in vitro) (5415 Downloads)
Reliability and validity of the persian version of the General Oral Health Assessment Index (GOHAI) (5406 Downloads)
Evaluation of the long-shelf life honey milk As a storage media for preservation of avulsed teeth (5254 Downloads)
Tracing the success of scaling and root planning (SRP) in patients with chronic periodontitis by salivary nitric oxide (5108 Downloads)
Evaluation of microleakage of Ionoseal filling material as a fissure sealant agent (5089 Downloads)
Comparison of shear bond strength of the stainless steel metallic brackets bonded by three bonding systems (5040 Downloads)
Comparison the effect of casein phosphopeptide amorphous calcium phosphate and fluoride varnish on dentin hypersensitivity reduction (4930 Downloads)
Comparison of coronal microleakage of resin modified glass ionomer and composite resin as intra-orifice barriers in internal bleaching (4919 Downloads)
The effect of different irrigants and intra canal dressing on sinus tract closure (4864 Downloads)
Antibacterial efficacy of lavandula officinalis extract, sodium hypochlorite and chlorhexidine gluconate solutions as root canal irrigations: A comparative analysis (4721 Downloads)
Effect of different irrigation regimens on the evaluation of apical sealing ability of mineral trioxide aggregate (4674 Downloads)
Evaluation of the accuracy of panoramic radiograph in determining the location of the lingula (4674 Downloads)
A comparative evaluation of apical microleakage of MTA fillapex and AH26 sealers in the presence of blood in the canal space of the teeth (4665 Downloads)
Association between serum levels of vitamin D and chronic periodontitis in premenopausal women in Yazd (4611 Downloads)
Total antioxidant property and pH change of dental plaque and saliva in 6-11-year-old children after consumption of flavored milk (4530 Downloads)
Clinical and biochemical effects of dark chocolate in moderate chronic periodontitis (4502 Downloads)
Correlation between caries prevalence and chronic perodontitis (4498 Downloads)
Evaluation of educational programs of pediatrics, orthodontics and restorative departments of babol dental school from the perspective of the students based on the CIPP model (4451 Downloads)
Influence of different light sources on visual shade matching performance (4396 Downloads)
Dimensional changes of dental arch following non-extraction orthodontic treatment (4301 Downloads)
Hardness of composite resin polymerized with different light-curing units (4296 Downloads)
Comparative evaluation of the frequency of myofibroblasts between oral and cutaneous squamous cell carcinomas (4227 Downloads)
The effect of bleaching on microhardness of silorane-based composite resins (4179 Downloads)
Evaluation of the effect of handheld mobile phone use on activity of the parotid glands amylase enzyme (4120 Downloads)
Histologic evaluation of pulpal response to MTA and capsaicin in cats (4112 Downloads)
A histopathological study of smoking on free gingiva in patients with moderate to severe periodontitis (4082 Downloads)
Case report of an early diagnosed ameloblastic fibroma (4031 Downloads)
Comparison of shear bond strength of stainless steel brackets bonded with three light- cured adhesives (3985 Downloads)
The relationship between obesity and oral health (3941 Downloads)
The comparison of antibacterial effect of propolis , sodium hypochlorite 5.25%, and chlorhexidine 2% as intracanal irrigants against enterococcus faecalis: an ex vivo study (3918 Downloads)
Tissue Engineering: Oromaxillofacial reconstruction with platelet rich plasma (PRP) (3895 Downloads)
The effect of powder/liquid ratio on microleakage of resin-modified glass-ionomer (3883 Downloads)
Evaluating the effect of dentin surface pretreatment on the static contact angle of a drop of a bonding agent: an in vitro study (3865 Downloads)
Quantity and quality of solid wastes produced in dental offices of babol city (3863 Downloads)
Knowledge and practices concerning the effects of ionizing radiation and x-ray protection methods in dental offices in Babol, 2013 (3834 Downloads)
Assessment of micro-leakage for light-cure glass ionomer and pro-root mineral trioxide aggregate as coronal barriers in intracoronal bleaching of endodontically treated teeth (3832 Downloads)
Epidemiological aspects of head and neck cancers in a population of south east region of Iran (3780 Downloads)
Laboratory evaluation of shear bond strength of porcelain repair methods (3771 Downloads)
The comparison of papilla preservation technique and semilunar incision with sub- epithelial connective tissue graft in dark triangle treatment (3732 Downloads)
Salivary superoxide dismutase activity in the consumers of paan containing tobacco (3697 Downloads)
Evaluation of the accuracy of two apex locators in endodontic treatment and retreatments: an ex vivo study (3690 Downloads)
Measurement of iron, magnesium and chromium concentrations in the saliva of the patients undergoing fixed orthodontic treatment (3681 Downloads)
The effect of periodontal therapy on IL-17 and IL-23 in Gingival Crevicular Fluid (GCF) of patients with severe periodontitis (3659 Downloads)
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